Konnektivität 5G
Konnektivität 5G

Who benefits from innovations in connectivity?

Connectivity has changed our lives. From the way we interact, to the way we communicate, move, play and the way we work – or machines work for us. And most of these connectivity innovations have evolved rapidly over the past decade.

So keeping up with all the developments and deciding which of them have real added value for your own business model is not easy. Is the investment in new connectivity solutions worth it at all? And if so, do I have to keep putting up new money to keep expanding them?

Innovations in connectivity: for every budget

Investing in innovation is always worthwhile and does not mean that you always have to use the latest technologies. There are many hybrid solutions that can provide effective and efficient business models. However, long-term interoperability of technologies is always a big factor in hybrid solutions. In the case of processes that rely solely on one technology, it can happen that entire value chains and processes collapse when the functionality of this technology is removed or it is replaced by new technologies.

Nevertheless, it makes sense to look at the latest developments in connectivity and decide which ones are suitable for your own business model and, of course, for your own wallet.

This hinders connectivity innovation

Of course, connectivity does not mean efficiency and success. There are many disruptive factors that must be considered when implementing and operating connectivity solutions. Particularly in the case of 3G, 4G and Wifi, the networking approaches still most widely used in the enterprise to date, there are a number of stumbling blocks to reckon with, in addition to the problem of long-term interoperability of software and hardware and vendor and supplier dependency:

1. unreliable network stability
2. limited range
3. high latency, low bandwidth and low speed in uplink and downlink (UL & DL)
4. unsecured network
5. high energy consumption

Innovative Connectivity solutions and new technologies

The above problems can be circumvented by 5G innovations in connectivity. 5G offers the possibility to build independent, stable and secure networks on local areas in order to operate closed infrastructures there. However, the Open RAN approach is particularly exciting for this. This allows software and hardware-independent operation of solutions. This means that, in the long term, there is no need to rely on specific hardware manufacturers or software developers to implement new technologies or further expand existing networks. Investing now in such an independent structure can save money, time and nerves in the future.

Be a pioneer: Your decision for a 5G campus network

Many companies are deciding on their own to upgrade digitally instead of continuing to wait. In the process, we have been able to learn about different motivations, for example, but not exclusively:

5G networks help you work safely and efficiently. With 5G networks, you are guaranteed network stability regardless of time and location, as well as fast data transmission at any data volume.

Become an independent network operator now and reap the benefits of your own 5G network!

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