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Small Actions, Big Impact – Sustainability and Social Responsibility at COCUS

We believe that small actions can lead to big positive changes. Our commitment goes beyond environmentally friendly initiatives and includes the support and development of our employees are an important part of our efforts.

In addition, we can make a decisive contribution to sustainability with our IT projects and digital solutions. In this blog article, we give you an insight into our global activities relating to sustainability and social responsibility at COCUS.

COCUS Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Our Green Working Day

As part of our journey towards sustainability, we recognize and actively address the environmental challenges faced in office settings. From reducing plastic waste to minimizing carbon emissions, we integrate eco-friendly practices into various aspects of our activities. We have put together an overview of some of them for you:

Around the Office

In the Office

Working from Home

With our FlexOffice policy, we embrace the modern working environment while significantly reducing commuting and CO2 emissions by allowing our employees to work from home at any time. We support work-life balance through our policy of up to 100% remote work, flexible working hours and the option to work in the office or at home every day.

In addition to the FlexOffice option as such, we pursue further measures as part of our sustainability and social responsibility:

COCUS Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Our Diverse Teams

For us, sustainability is more than a strategy – it’s part of our DNA. With a diverse team representing over 19 nationalities, we celebrate cultural richness, and foster a workplace that embraces cross-functional and cross-national collaboration and individual well-being:

COCUS Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Innovative IT Projects

In our IT projects, we develop long-term solutions and ensure seamless integration and flexible scaling of applications, software, websites and interfaces:

If you would like to find out more ideas and project insights on the topic of “Sustainability with Digitalization”, take a look here.

From supporting our employee development, driving digital progress and implementing sustainable practices, we are shaping a future where small and big decisions contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Gemeinsam gestalten wir eine bessere Zukunft.

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